Further below, you can find project descriptions for all the projects that are included in my showreel.

Migros Christmas Commercial

During the summer of 2019, I got the opportunity to work at BaconX in Copenhagen as a CG Artist intern. I was a part of a Christmas commercial project for Migros which is the largest retail company in Switzerland. In the commercial, our hero character is a baby owl and the only CG element. I was responsible for modelling, sculpting and I started the texturing as well.
Softwares I used: Maya, ZBrush & Mari. Rendered with VRay.

Abandoned Kitchen Project

This is the abandoned kitchen project where I was responsible for all aspects except plate shooting. The main focus is to integrate CG elements onto a live action plate. My main inspiration for this project comes from games such as Last of Us and Resident Evil 8 but with a twist where we get a sense of beauty and wonder where time stands still in this forgotten place.
Softwares I used: Maya, ZBrush, Mari, Substance Painter, Nuke, photoshop, 3D Equalizer & Speedtree. Rendered with Arnold.

Quadruped Project

This is the quadruped project where I was responsible for all aspects except for tracking and plate shooting. The character is a boar warrior design inspired by babirusas, entelodonts and different boar species.
Softwares I used: Maya, Zbrush, Mari, XGen & Nuke. Rendered with VRay.