Yok Meyer

CG Artist specialized in modeling, texturing, look dev and lighting



Further below, you can find project descriptions for all the projects that are included in my showreel.

Migros Christmas Commercial

During the summer of 2019, I got the opportunity to work at BaconX in Copenhagen as a CG Artist intern. I was a part of a Christmas commercial project for Migros which is the largest retail company in Switzerland. In the commercial, our hero character is a baby owl and the only CG element. I was responsible for modelling, sculpting and I started the texturing as well.
Softwares I used: Maya, ZBrush & Mari. Rendered with VRay.
Watch the full commercial here: https://vimeo.com/375863676
Also, I was responsible for modelling, texturing and look dev of some of the props that the baby owl interacted with in the social media shorts.
Watch the social media shorts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs6AlVHWBAo&list=PLW6xp0Xmu2oIdiNUluASS-LBZHADB2ai9

Abandoned Place Project

This is the abandoned place project where I was responsible for all aspects except plate shooting. The main focus is to integrate CG elements onto a live action plate. My main inspiration for this project comes from games such as Last of Us and Resident Evil 8 but with a twist where we get a sense of beauty and wonder where time stands still in this forgotten place.
Softwares I used: Maya, ZBrush, Mari, Substance Painter, Nuke, photoshop, 3D Equalizer & Speedtree. Rendered with Arnold.
Watch the extended breakdown here: https://vimeo.com/377562314

Quadruped Project

This is the quadruped project where I was responsible for all aspects except for tracking and plate shooting. The character is a boar warrior design inspired by babirusas, entelodonts and different boar species.
Softwares I used: Maya, Zbrush, Mari, XGen & Nuke. Rendered with VRay.
Watch the extended breakdown here: https://vimeo.com/377560966


Email:  yokmeyer(at)yokmeyer.com

– Maya
– ZBrush
– Nuke
– Mari
– V-Ray
– Arnold
– XGen
– Photoshop
– SpeedTree
– Houdini
– Substance Painter

Main skills:
– Modelling
– Texturing
– Look development
– Lighting

Secondary skills:
– Compositing
– Grooming
– Rigging